About Us

In 1991, the first steps of our existence was taken by Reşat Gürkan, an advanced chemical engineer with leading experience on food and nutrition science. SEMAS was officially formed as SEMAS Gıda Turizm Ticaret Sanayi Limited Şirketi (LTD ŞTİ) by 1995, with participated inclusion of Professor Dr. Perihan Gürkan, a food engineer. Nonetheless, advanced chemical engineer H.Fikret Demirdöğen then joined the company in mid-'97 and the company operates under three-partner management ever since.
Here at SEMAS, our portfolio of products includes but not limited to honey, molasses, fruit juice and concentrates. For over 20 years, we have been working hard to put healthy and delicious products on consumers’ tables.

Mission and Vision

We are here to provide safe and nutritious foods for healthy generations. That is the main drive why we keep continuing to produce delicious products for every part of life.

Our core values are;
Believe in science,
Human health and happiness,. is no.1 priority
Respect the nature.

Basic motivations of our efforts are;
Food engineering,
Innovator thinking,
Creating values for people.

Our Principles

Here at SEMAS, we aim to be efficient while using our country’s resources to produce healthy foods and aim to be an innovator while producing food technologies. Within our product lines, we highly care our principles below.

%100 Natural
We do not use any additives in our products, which is a health risk to people. Fruits used in producing are coming from the fields and are brought on tables as natural as they are.
%100 Conservation
All fruits used in producing are directly purchased from the farmers for sustainable agriculture and trade ecosystem.
%100 R&D
To improve production quality and to reduce environmental impact as well as to reduce costs, we are continuing to add quality and technology to our production since 2008, our very first R&D studies accepted by TUBITAK.


Here at SEMAS, we have ongoing partnerships with Turkey’s major natural production brands.


You can contact us with the contact information below regarding all inquiries.

Emirgazi Mahallesi Emirgazi No:1/A
Kahramankazan / ANKARA
Tel: 0312 814 20 25-26
Fax: 0312 819 00 26