Fruit Juices

Full of vitamin, full of taste, full of fruits in every sip.

Black Grapes
The natural flavor of black grapes with high in vitamin and minerals from the Aegean region in every sip.
Black Mulberry
Fruit that is the indispensable of the summer season produced from intensely aged black mulberries.
Forest Fruits
Flavor blend produced from forest fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals.
Natural cherry juice in every sip, with rich vitamin content and sour aroma.
Abundant vitamin juice flavor produced from fresh raspberries with strong antioxidant properties.
Raisin Must
The flavor of must, produced from raisins which have rich nutritional values along with antioxidant properties.
Tamarind Sherbet
Syrup that produced from tamarind with vitamin and mineral storage.
Blackberry Juice
A fruit feast made from delicious blackberries a source of vitamins and minerals.


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