Discover the essence of fruits.

Grape Extract
The real grape flavor that is produced from the delicious grapes that are rich in vitamins and minerals from the Aegean region to your tables.
Black Mulberry Extract
The indispensable summer joy mulberry flavors are obtained from intensely black mulberries.
Fig Extract
Produced naturally from fresh figs, which are a healthy food source with high antioxidant properties.
Apricot Extract
Rich apricot flavor obtained from fresh apricots with vitamin and mineral storage.
Carob Extract
The flavor of the carob, which is obtained from Mersin's famous carobs and adds flavor and health to your tables.
Date Extract
Real batel nut taste are produced from delicious batel nuts with high nutritional value.
Apple Extract
A rich apple flavor obtained from fresh apples with a source of vitamins and fiber.
Black Grape Extract
The flavor extract produced from black grapes that provides the nutritional supplement that the body needs with its antioxidant feature.
Pomegranate Extract
A true pomegranate flavor obtained from the vitamin-C rich pomegranate, which is should not bemissed from the tables in the every winter season.
Samphire Extract
Juniper flavor obtained from the juniper tree cones grown in the fertile soil of the Mediterranean.
Mulberry Extract
Obtained from delicious mulberries from Elazig and Adiyaman provinces, it’s time to taste a mulberry that adds flavor to your plates.


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